Rikke Andreassen
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Gender and Ethnicity

I am a researcher, teacher and consultant in communications, addressing ethnic and gender equality issues. I have a Ph.D. and am Associate Professor at Communication Studies at Roskilde University.

Currently, I am finishing a research project about Danish exhibitions of 'exotic' people around the turn of the twentieth century. From 2006-2009, I was a researcher in the EU Project VEIL, which focuses on debates concerning head- and body coverings of Muslim women. I am one of the national coordinators for the network MigraNord; a network of scholars working with media representations and racial/ethnic minorities in the Nordic countries. In addition I work as a consultant in my own company Q & A. My goal is to increase equality between ethnic minorities and the majority of the population; as between women and men.

Offer tools
I offer tools to avoid discrimination when planning communication, working environment and integration by including thoughts of ethnicity, gender and sexuality. It results in working place diversity and a more inclusive society.

Contact me
Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about me and my company: mail [at] rikkeandreassen.dk


Q & A - Blågårdsgade 11 B - 2200 København N - tlf. +45 26 71 70 75